Keeping Bra Straps Out of Sight

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What Is A Concealor Strap?

Keeping Bra Straps Out of Sight

Simple bra accessories can make a big difference in how much your bra straps slip or show up under clothing. To pull straps together in the back, attach a small “happy strap” clasp to the straps in back. This helps you wear tanks or other sleeveless tops without your straps peeking out. Also, you can choose bras with a clear strap option, to make straps less visible under sheer or bare clothing.



8/1/2011 6:30:29 AM
catherine karuiru said:

i know about the clear straps but i do not understand how this other option of happy strap is possible to demonstrate. love the idea the clear strap work well with small bust this might be a better solution for bigger bust


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