Maternity Bras Are Hard to Fit

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What Is The Best Way To Choose A Good Maternity Bra?

Maternity Bras Are Hard to Fit

A maternity bra is a hard piece of lingerie to purchase in an accurate size. This is because during pregnancy, your breasts are constantly changing in size, texture, contour, etc. Your body is likely to change through each trimester, so do not purchase more than a couple of bras for each stage. Purchase a maternity bra for the size you are now. A common misconception says that you should purchase a maternity bra that gives you room to grow. Instead, proper support of your breasts is always important, especially during pregnancy. Choose a maternity bra style with wide, cushioned straps and stretchiness in the band.

The Playtex® Expectant Moments Bra is the perfect transition bra. Purchase it late in pregnancy as its roomy cups can easily accommodate changes in breast size, while still offering full and upright support. This Playtex® lingerie features a nursing flap, accessible with one hand. A soft cotton bra complete with multiple back settings, the Playtex Expectant Moments Bra is a perfect fit for expectant and new mothers.



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