Larger Name Retailers Now Offering Mastectomy Bras

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Do Any Big Brands Make Mastectomy Bras?

Larger Name Retailers Now Offering Mastectomy Bras

In recent years, large name brands have started to recognize the need for good mastectomy bras. Women needing mastectomy bras are a growing population of consumers. From bras with forms already inserted to those with pockets and padding, mastectomy bras have become a huge segment of the existing bra market.

Mastectomy patients want bras that are as pretty and comfortable as the bras in their pre-mastectomy collection and retailers have responded. For example, Playtex now makes a mastectomy bra with custom fit and self-adjusting features. There are stretch straps for smaller bust sizes and non-stretch straps for larger breast sizes. This Playtex mastectomy bra also has a pocket for a prosthesis and an underbanding to hold the bra in place.



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