Finding the Correct Bra Size

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How Do I Know If I Have The Right Size Bra?

Finding the Correct Bra Size

Did you know that most women are currently wearing the wrong size bra? Industry experts say between 70% and 80% of women don't wear the correct size. It is common for your size to change with pregnancy, new exercise programs or weight change. Industry experts recommend that you have a bra fitting every 6 to 12 months. To make sure you correctly determine bra size, check that:

1. The back of your bra does not ride up, otherwise the underband may be too big and you could need a smaller size.

2. Your bra straps are not falling down or digging into your shoulders. If they are, you may need to adjust them, use wider straps or use shoulder savers.

3. You don't overflow the top of your bra. If you do, but the bra feels fine everywhere else, the bra cup size is too small.

4. Your finger can pass under the band in front. Your bra should be comfortable but not tight, otherwise you need a larger band size or you must fasten your bra at the next looser hook.

5. The middle of your bra lies as flat as possible against your breastbone for a comfortable fit.



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