Full Breasts Do Not Always Equal Full Figures

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I am a plus size woman, but my breasts are only a C cup. Do I need a plus size bra?

Full Breasts Do Not Always Equal Full Figures

Full figure does not mean that you are plus sized. Most bras labeled “full figure” actually have more to do with breast tissue than body type. A woman who wears a 34C bra may get more comfort and better containment from a full figure bra: it depends on the amount and location of her breast tissue.

Average figure bras typically have shallower cups than full figure bras. Two women could have the same bra size (34C for example), and one, due to her having more breast tissue, would get a better fit from a 34C full figure bra than a 34C average figure bra. The full figure bra will offer deeper cup capacity, more coverage, and for this woman, support her better. The other woman, who is the same bra size (34C), but has less breast tissue, could wear either a full figure bra or an average figure bra in that size. She just isn't likely to need the deeper cup capacity, coverage and extra support, so she wouldn't notice any benefit from wearing a full figure bra.

If you are spilling out of the top of your cup, or don't feel as supported as you'd like to be, try a full figure bra in your size and see if that makes you more comfortable. Examples of average figure brands are Playtex® Thank Goodness it Fits® and Barely There®. Great full figure brands to try are Bali®, Playtex Secrets® or Playtex Cross Your Heart®.



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