Convertible Bras Are Highly Versatile

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What Is A Convertible Bra?

Convertible Bras Are Highly Versatile

A convertible bra has its place in every woman's bra collection. Convertible bras are all-purpose – they have detachable and changeable straps that can accommodate a one-sided shirt, a halter or criss-cross top or a racerback tank top. The straps are removable and can be changed around depending on the top you are wearing.
You can also do away with the straps completely for a strapless bra look. The beauty of the convertible bra is that it gives you so many options. You can wear it under a variety of different shirts and still get the support of a full coverage bra. Choose a convertible bra with proper support so that no matter which way you decide to wear it, you still look your very best.



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