Soft Cup Bras Just As Effective As Underwire

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Is Underwire Better Than Soft Cup?

Soft Cup Bras Just As Effective As Underwire

Known for their comfort, soft cup bras can provide average to full support, but are gentler on the skin than underwire. Often referred to as wirefree, soft cup bras come in an array of colors and styles and are just as sexy as their wired counterparts. Historically, soft cup bras were limited in the number of styles. However, in recent years, soft cup bras have made a comeback, with revolutionary technology to help soft cups give more lift and fullness to your breasts.



1/12/2008 8:48:00 PM
JAS said:

I am 38D and never buy underwire, not since I turned 30. They give awful support for fuller figures; everything above the wire is free to hang over and sag. Soft cups offer shape and support for the entire bosom. Save Victoria's Secrets for the bedroom; think Jane Russell in the boardroom.


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