What Are Your Panties Made Of?

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What Are Your Panties Made Of?

The secret to beauty is confidence. But keeping that confidence strong can be a challenge when you wear panties that aren't right for you. That doesn't just mean the cut of the panties, either. If you are wearing panties made of a material you find comfortable, they are going to feel great and that will show from the first step you take. When you take care of your whole body, (not just the parts the world sees when you walk out your front door,) you will feel more beautiful every day.

Satin panties may seem like a great way to break out of the mold and try something different. Unfortunately, if you buy a pair that are nothing but satin, they won't breathe beneath the outfit you're wearing. You're going to feel hot and uncomfortable and your confidence will suffer. Avoid a panty disaster like this one by checking a couple things before buying.

  1. Make sure those satin panties (or other panties created with man-made materials) have a cotton liner. That liner is your key to letting your delicate bits breathe. Without air, you're going to feel like you're suffocating all over, not just where your panties are.

  2. Wear cotton panties. Even if you're avoiding cotton because it makes you think of "granny panties," come give cotton another try. There are amazing options for cotton panties available out there - you'll be surprised at how much the cotton panty has changed! Color and style options are there for the choosing. Cotton will bring you comfort while giving you a dash of flair under anything you wear.



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