You Don't Like Bikini Panties but Don't Want Full Coverage

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You Don't Like Bikini Panties but Don't Want Full Coverage

You want an option for panties that gives you waist-high coverage, without making you think you could pull them all the way up to your armpits. Your options are not limited to full coverage panties or barely-there bikini undies. There are other options that might just be perfect for you.

High cut panties give you just the right amount of coverage (to your waist) that you're looking for, but are still cut more like a bikini in terms of the wider leg openings rise higher on the leg. They are perfect if you don't want to wear full coverage but aren't quite comfortable with the idea of wearing bikini panties.

High cut panties are the best of both worlds, comfort and style. When you wear a cute pair of hi-cut panties you feel sexy but without worrying if your panties are actually covering everything you want covered. With that middle ground between full coverage and bikini panties you can be as comfortable as you want and feel great under your outfit. Also, when you wear a hi-cut panty you know you are going to get great bottom coverage. Whereas a bikini panty hits a little lower on your back, you can wear a hi-cut panty and know that you won't see the line from the top of your panty through the back of your pants.



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