Want Full Coverage That Feels Better?

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Want Full Coverage That Feels Better?

If you like the full coverage of full-cut panties but are still looking for a better option? Microfiber is a fantastic option for full coverage panties that feel like a second skin without being too tight. Seamless and sleek, microfiber panties hug what you have without cutting off circulation and making you feel tucked into your underwear. When you want to wear a pantsuit and avoid panty lines, microfiber panties are a great way to make sure your panties stay where they're supposed to and don't ride up or show lines through your pants.

The beauty of microfiber is that barely-there feel. You can wear it and it stays where it is supposed to without riding or shifting or needing to be dug out from your nether regions. Feeling comfortable will make you feel more confident and knowing you can wear your microfiber panties with any pair of pants or any skirt you want. Microfiber panties come in many colors and every cut you'll find regular panties in, so it's only a question of what you want to find when you open your underwear drawer. Update your panties and you'll find the layers you put on top of your panties feel better than they have in a long time.



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