Front Hooks and Back Support

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Front Hooks and Back Support

Ah, the convenience of front hooks. Usually that bra design is reserved for the tiny fashion bras, but if you're full figured, don't count yourself out. There are multiple styles of front hook bras for full figured women in the Hanes family. These bras will give you the support your figure needs with the style and convenience you want. The key to buying a comfortable plus size bra is to know your size, and then pick a bra that makes you feel confident. The combination of confidence and correct sizing is a recipe for a bra that feels wonderful throughout your day.

The easiest way to put on a bra with the clasp in the front is to put the bra on over your arms and up to your shoulders, then bend forward while pulling the clasps together in the front. This will place your breasts into the cups at the proper angle. If you put your bra on like this, it will save you time shimmying and adjusting once you've closed those clasps.

Remember, not all full figure bras are created equal, and finding a company that cares about your comfort while still paying attention to support is a perfect blend of comfort and style.



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