Keep Your Straps Under Control

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Keep Your Straps Under Control

If you want to keep your straps under control, a great option is the racerback bras for full figured women by Hanes. The T-shaped back of the bra that curves down the center of your back is most often seen in a sports bra, but can also be found in regular bra options as well. Racerback bras look fantastic under a sleeveless shirt, because the straps don't peek out or show, leaving you with a clean look and great support without showing your bra off to the world when you leave the house.

The racerback comes in both a seamless and seamed style, and can be found in underwire or soft cup. With a sectioned bra, each section of the bra (most commonly two or three sections) is seamed and stitched independently so there is solid support as opposed to soft support. When you want to keep your breasts contained and in one place with no movement, a racerback sectioned bra would be your best bet by far. Just make sure to try on your sectioned racerback under the shirt you're going to be wearing it with. The support can be substantial, and if you've been wearing bras that squish and let you sag, your shirt may fit a little differently when your bust is being supported.



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