How to Measure Your Bra Size

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How to Measure Your Bra Size

Bra size measurement is still a mystery to most women, and you may think you just have to deal with the red marks, because that's the price of beauty. It's not. When you research how to determine bra size you will find that your bra sizes are probably not what you think they were. Measuring bra size is simple if you have a cloth tape measure (or even a regular ruler and a piece of string long enough to go around your body) you can measure yourself and do bra sizing like an expert. Here's how to measure bra size:

  1. Put on your best-fitting bra. If the bra you're currently wearing makes you sag, tighten up the straps until your breasts are in the position you would like to see them in ideally. Putting on a bra gets your breasts out of the way so you can measure more effectively when you're learning how to find your bra size.
  2. Measure around the base of the bra. An important tip for how to find the right bra size is to make sure you exhale before doing this, because you're not looking for the biggest number - you're looking for the right, most supportive number. Make sure you keep the tape measure straight and don't hold it away from your body. It can be helpful to grab a friend to do this measurement more accurately.
  3. Round the number up if it's over a half-inch and round the number down if it's under a half inch from the next whole inch. If your end result is an even number, add 4 and you have your band size. If the final measurement is an odd number, add 5 for your band size. You're almost an expert in how to tell your bra size at this point.
  4. Here's how the cup size works. If it's a half inch different from the band size, your cup size is a AA, between a half and one inch is an A-Cup. Two inches is a B, three inches is a C, four inches is a D, five inches is a DD (or E), six inches is a DDD (or F), and every inch from there is the next letter in the alphabet.
  5. If one of your breasts is smaller, pad the cup so they are even. Unless you buy a bra that is made for two different cup sizes, it is far better to fit to the larger breast and then pad the smaller if necessary. Trying to stuff your breast into a too-small cup never looks or feels comfortable.
Now you have your basic bra size. One way to find the perfect bra is to determine what is the main problem with your other bras. A common problem is falling straps. If yours fall, look for a bra with strap technology, made specifically so the straps don't fall or a convertible bra - just cross the straps and sliding down your shoulders becomes a non-issue.



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