Love Your Lace!

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Love Your Lace!

Lace is a fantastic fabric. It can be demure and innocent, professional and classy, or sexy and sleek. Whatever you are looking for in your bra, lace can be incorporated and not ruin the overall look. You don't wear the same bra to work as you do when you're going out with the girls, so why not make sure your lacy bras match your moods the way your other clothing does? Lace on a full coverage bra cup is a perfect choice for work clothing. When you're going out at night, you want to leave work far behind. A demi with a lace border can give you just the boost you need to leave the house feeling confident and in the mood to have a fun night.

No matter what lacy bra you choose, when you buy Hanes you know your lace will lay correctly and not bunch or pill beneath your shirts. The comfort of Hanes ' lace is something you will be thrilled to wear. Those itchy lace bras are a thing of the past, and you can have all the lace you want without worrying about fit, quality, or style. Your most difficult decision will be choosing what color works best against your outfit.



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