Are Hipster Panties Really Hip?

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Are Hipster Panties Really Hip?

The newest popular style of panties on the market and in the magazines is the hipster style. Hipster panties are super-low-rise panties that sit very low on the hips. They are meant to be worn under the low rise jeans and pants that are currently "in" among the young and not-so modest set. Sure, they're better than watching girls walk around with thongs showing, but we recommend that unless you're reliving your teen years you take a pass on these panties. If you wear them with a pair of pants that aren't low-rise, you risk having both a vertical panty line and a horizontal panty line.

Unless you're wearing low rise jeans or pants, skip the hipsters and opt instead for high waisted shapewear. Shapewear is a fantastic option that doesn't just look great under a dress; it will also look great with pants and jeans that go to your waist. You can tuck in your shirt or leave it out over your pants and you'll still look smooth. It even comes in a flesh color so if you reach up on a shelf or bend over in front of someone, they won't get flashed. You can smooth your silhouette and still look sexy and feel great without having to sacrifice your comfort for style.



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