Wear all Your Pants With Pride

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Wear all Your Pants With Pride

Depending on your body type, there are a few body shaper options you can choose for pantsuits, jeans, and slacks. There are shapers specifically made for pants that go from the waist down to the ankle to give you total control of your silhouette. Not only do they take away panty lines, they also give you an overall smooth appearance from the waist to the ankle. No more knee bumps or thigh bulges under your pants - what a relief! You'll know that you look great stepping out of the house no matter what your destination is.

There is also a body shaper that goes to the knee. If you're wearing pedal pushers or capri pants these can be a lifesaver, making your panty lines a thing of the past and smoothing your silhouette. A great pair of slimming briefs will make your pants fit better, hang better on your body, and you'll look your best with every step you take. If you try on thigh slimmers and find there is a bulge underneath, then you're going to want to look toward the bodyslimmer that goes past your knee, or try a larger sized body slimmer.



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