Can Shapewear be Pretty?

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Can Shapewear be Pretty?

When you think of body shapers and control panels, you don't think of words like "pretty" and "good looking." Most people think that the more useful an undergarment is when it comes to controlling or shaping the body the more it needs to look utilitarian and plain. But plain isn't all there is if you want underwear that's good looking and supportive. The Bali® Lace 'N Smooth® All-In-One comes in black, so if you are looking for a sultry piece of lingerie to bring out on the town, look no further than black lace and a great attitude to get you feeling confident. Full figured? Hanes has full figure pieces to make sure more women have options for both control and style.

Even if no one else sees your lingerie, you will feel a difference when you know you are wearing something pretty and sleek under your clothing. You'll look better on the outside, becauseshapewear smooths out your curves and makes your clothes fit better. More important than that, you are going to feel fantastic on the inside, because confidence is sexy and shapewear will make you feel more comfortable in whatever you're wearing.



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