Stop Fighting With Your Shapewear

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Stop Fighting With Your Shapewear

Wouldn't it be nice to have shapewear that worked well and was easy to put on? The Bali® Easy On® Body Briefer is the easiest shape wear you'll find. It can be put on just like a shirt. Pull it over your head and with a few clasps you're ready to put on your clothes and go. The straps incorporate a great, thin silicone layer under the shoulder to keep your straps in place without having to make them uncomfortably tight so they'll stay put. There is even underwire in the Body Briefer so you can be sure you'll get the support you're looking for along with the smoothing action of the shapewear.

If you find yourself in formal wear, you might not be able to easily get out of the dress and the shapewear to go to the bathroom. Having convenient clasps might be the difference between enjoying your evening and spending most of it doing the potty dance.

Look great in whatever you choose to wear with the confidence that no one is going to see back bulges or hip bumps. The boost to your self-confidence will be well worth it, especially when it only took you a couple minutes to get into your shapewear. You don't have to break a sweat to get your curves under control.



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