Looking for a Little Flair for Your Derriere?

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Looking for a Little Flair for Your Derriere?

While everyone loves gravity for keeping them on the ground, it's less than kind to women's bodies. When you want to get a little boost in your bootie, look no further than the Crown-ette® Rear Lift Brief. It's a full brief with a thin layer of foam around the bottom that will give you a little boost and put your bum where you remember it being. This can give you a confidence boost in jeans or a pantsuit, or for going out with a friend or a hot date with your spouse.

If you're looking for even more of a boost, there is a full brief panty with insertable foam pads. The panty lifts and the foam pads shape and add oomph to your derriere. If you find that you're having trouble finding jeans that fit correctly without spandex, these panties can be the difference between slacks and a comfy pair of denim jeans. Or if you're wearing a dress and it's falling flat, you could add a little more flair to the back of your dress by wearing either the Rear Lift Brief or the Rear Lift Enhancing brief with foam inserts.

Enhancing your bottom does not have to be tacky or over the top. Hanes makes it easy to add to your natural curves without feeling silly. That way you feel comfortable while looking great.



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