Minimizer Bras

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Minimizer Bras

Not all bras are designed to lift and project your breasts out as far as possible. The minimizer bra is perfect if you're looking for your chest to be a little less noticeable under your clothing; for example, in the workplace or if you are self-conscious about a large bust.

The minimizer bra works by shaping and supporting your chest while spreading you out a little more instead of lifting and separating. Your breasts will still look great under suits and tops, they'll just look softer and rounder rather than high and pointed. Making your bra line less dramatic can help keep focus where it belongs, on your eyes and the conversation.

Because of minimizer bra technology, you will find better support due to how the breast is shaped within the minimizer cups. There will be less pull on the band across your back as well as your shoulder straps, because the weight of your breasts is being distributed more evenly across your chest.

Afraid that wearing a minimizing bra means you have to sacrifice style? Not true! Minimizer bras come in most of the popular styles. Looking for full coverage? Minimizers have it covered. Looking for a seamless or satin minimizer bra? No problem! You don't have to change your preferred bra styles. You can get the style you want in the bra that will help you looking professional and feeling confident.



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