Nursing Bras

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Nursing Bras

When you are looking for the best nursing bra, some things to consider are fit, style, and ease of use. Also, if this isn't your first time around the pregnancy block, keep in mind how much your breasts grew during your last pregnancy. You need a nursing bra big enough to accommodate your post-delivery chest size, so a bra with more clasps in the back will be a great option for your changing body.

Ease of nursing is always priority one when shopping for a nursing bra. The one-hand release of the Playtex® Expectant Moments® Nursing Bra makes it easy to nurse, wherever you are. Also, since the band under your breast stays in place when you take the panel down, your breast is in a position that makes it easier for baby to latch on and nurse.

Make sure all your nursing bras are comfortable to be in for extended periods of time. If a bra is too supportive or tight, it can cause clogged milk glands from excessive pressure. Also, double check that your nursing pads fit in the place provided in the bra pocket. Last but not least, make sure the outside fabric of your nursing bra is soft. Your baby's head will be laying against it, and you want your little one to be comfortable.



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