Mastectomy Bras

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Mastectomy Bras

Mastectomy bras are full support bras with a pocket inside the cups. This pocket is made to hold a prosthesis made of foam or another material. This way you have an even look under tops. Made to be comfortable as well as supportive, when you shop for a mastectomy bra, make sure you spend a little extra time getting just the right fit for you.

Size of your prosthesis - If you are balancing out a larger breast, you want to make sure the bra you're looking at has underbanding. This keeps the bra in place on both sides, not just the side with the heavier breast.

What makes you feel good - Do you feel better in a full coverage bra or one with a little lace? There are options and knowing what you want in advance can make choosing your perfect bra that much easier!

You can take it with you - When shopping for a mastectomy bra, bring your prosthesis with. This way you can try on your bra the way it will fit once you get home. Make sure the pocket is the right shape and size for your needs. After you narrow it down to a couple of options, try on your shirt over the bra. See what it looks like once you're dressed to get a better idea of how you're going to look when you wear the bra out of your house.

A bra that fits well and holds you in place with good support will make you feel great, and that's the best first step to looking great!



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