Exercise Your Right to a Great Bra

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Exercise Your Right to a Great Bra

When you are looking for a supportive, comfortable option and aren't worried about lift or shape the sports bra is the perfect option. If you are exercising, a sports bra is a must. Made to keep your breasts in place during even the most strenuous activity, the sports bra is something every woman should have in her underwear drawer.

If you are walking around the block or taking a yoga class, you may feel that you are not doing a type of exercise that needs a sports bra. Any movement strains the breast ligaments and the bouncing that comes from walking quickly deserves the kind of support your regular bra will not provide. This leaves your breasts free to bounce. Not only does this bouncing damage the muscles in your breasts, if your breasts are large it can cause back, neck and shoulder pain from the repeated jarring that comes from walking.

You spend time picking out the right shoes and the right outfit to exercise in, why wouldn't you take the same care with the bra you wear for exercise? There are several styles of sports bra, one of the more popular choices being the racerback bras for not only thier great fit, but their sporty look.

Make sure you get sized when you pick out a sports bra. The goal is not to wear the tightest bra possible, because that can cause a whole different kind of pain that you don't need in addition to your exercise aches. Sports bras are designed to be comfortable and supportive.



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