Make Your Favorite Bra Last Longer

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Make Your Favorite Bra Last Longer

Think about your favorite bra. The one that fits perfectly and makes you look like you are defying gravity while staying comfortable. Did you know every time you wash your bra in the washing machine, it wears out a little more? Throwing it in the dryer can destroy the elastic and fabric just a little bit. Every wash and dry cycle destroys your bra just a little bit more.

You know that you're supposed to hand-wash your bras, but you don't have that kind of time. What can you do?

Use a Wash Bag - A wash bag is mesh and will protect your bra from some of the harm that comes to it in a washing machine. Also make sure you clasp the back so the hooks don't get caught on anything and bend. That can turn your super-comfy bra into a scratchy nightmare against your back.

Don't Use the Dryer - Even if you need to save some time, you can still afford to keep your bra safe from being slowly destroyed in the dryer by hanging it up to dry. All it takes is a hanger and a few hours in your bedroom closet or bathroom to let the bra dry completely. Make sure the back hooks are still clasped to help the bra retain its shape while drying.



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