Get Those Bra Straps Out of Your Way

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Get Those Bra Straps Out of Your Way

You have a great dress or shirt you're all ready to wear out, you put it on over your bra and find that your bra strap just won't stay hidden. Your choices are slim and none are very good. You could use a safety pin to keep the bra strap under your shirt, but this will bunch the fabric of your top, making you look sloppy. Alternately, you could try to keep your straps balanced carefully on the edges of your shoulders, which basically turns your bra into a fabric covering that doesn't offer much support.

Thankfully, there is another kind of bra that will keep you from ever having to make this decision again. Convertible bras have detachable straps and can be worn in many different ways. You can cross the straps in back to make sure they don't fall, or you can remove the straps entirely so you are supported without the straps. You can even wear just one bra strap if you have a dress with only one sleeve. Being able to put your bra straps where you need them will bring you a new level of confidence as you walk into any room knowing you aren't going to have to dig in and adjust your bra straps.



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