Feel Great When You Exercise

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Feel Great When You Exercise

You exercise because you know when you're done you will feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Your skin will glow and you'll feel ten years younger. But during your workout you can feel pretty tired and overwhelmed as you push for that extra minute, that extra mile, that extra something that will take your workout to the next level. It is worth it because of how you feel when you are done and know you have done something great for yourself, but how can you make your workout a little easier while you are in the middle of your routine?

Wearing a sports bra will help you in many ways. Racerback bras give extra back support and keep your breasts from jarring uncomfortably under your top. That is healthy for your back and your breasts. When you wear a regular bra or a sports bra that does not have proper support, that jarring motion when your breasts bounce can tear the ligaments that hold your breasts up. You're not going to feel good about working out if you feel you are trading all-over body health for droopy boobs. The sports bra can keep your breasts safe as you jog, climb, walk, or cycle your way to feeling great about your fitness routine.



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