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What Is The Benefit of a Wider Bra Strap?

Wider Straps Ideal For Larger Breasts

Larger-breasted women may find more comfort and support in bras with wider straps. Large breasts generate a great amount of force and momentum when they move. A thin strap can distress the shoulders of large-breasted women because of the pressure exerted on a thinner piece of fabric. Wider straps alleviate some of the pressure and are able to help properly support large breasts without causing stress on nerve groups in the shoulder and arms.

What Should I Do About Too-Tight Bra Straps?

Bra Straps Should Never Dig Into Your Shoulders

Bra straps allow you to adjust the support level of your bra. Adjust straps to the correct length, which will allow your bra to run straight across your back and give your breasts the perfect lift. Bra straps that are too tight on the shoulder will cause the bra to pull up in the back. Straps should never leave marks or dig into your shoulders. If your bra straps are uncomfortable or hurting your shoulders, get fitted again and possibly try wider straps - cushion or comfort straps may be just the relief your shoulders need for long/hard days.

What Is The Best Bra For Strap Comfort?

Playtex® Bras Boast 18-Hour Support and Comfort

The bra strap contributes to the overall support of a bra. Oddly, many manufacturers pay little attention to making the strap comfortable. But, Playtex® bras have been changing that with special strap designs in several bra lines that offer maximized comfort and also help prevent strap dig-in for fuller figures.

What Is The Purpose Of An Additional Bra Strap?

Detachable Straps Add Versatility to Bras

Many bra designs now feature additional and/or removable straps. Additional bra straps can serve several purposes:

  1. Some additional bra straps come in a rainbow of colors to match different outfits. There are sometimes different fabrics, embellishments and textures to mix and match as well.
  2. Additional bra straps can serve as extenders for bra straps.
  3. Additional bra straps can make the bra convert to different styles. This is usually a feature of convertible bras.
These additional straps come in handy to convert from tank tops to halters to strapless outfits and more.

Why Should I Invest In Shoulder Pads?

Shoulder Pads Ease Discomfort

One of the ways to ease the discomfort bra straps sometimes cause is to purchase shoulder pads that go under and above the strap area. Shoulder pads provide comfort and allow for a smooth silhouette around your shoulder area. This gives you a cleaner, more professional look.

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