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What Is The Correct Way To Put On A Bra?

The Correct Way to Put on a Bra

The following steps explain how to put on a bra the correct way. Wearing your bra properly is as important as finding the correct bra to wear. Take these steps:

  1. Place your arms through the straps and slide them over your shoulders.
  2. Bend forward from the waist and adjust your breasts so that the nipples are on the fullest point of the cup. Make sure your breasts are completely in the cup.
  3. Fasten the hooks to the middle position.
  4. Stand up straight and adjust your straps again so your breasts are at the right level in the bra
  5. Make sure your bra fit is comfortable and sits in the middle of your back.

How Do I Know When My Bra Does Not Fit Properly?

How Do I Know When My Bra Does Not Fit Properly?

There are ways to know that your bra sizing is incorrect. Some immediate signs are:

  • Rising up in the back: When your bra rises up in the back, this means it is not supporting the weight of your bust.
  • Shoulder Pulling: If you find yourself leaning or hunching forward regularly or if your shoulders are strained from pulling forward, chances are your bra is not the right size for your bust.
  • Falling Breasts: Your breasts are not being properly supported if they do not sit upright in a central position on your chest.
  • Falling Straps: If your straps slide down your shoulders or leave red marks in your flesh, your bra is probably too big around the bust and too small in the cup area.

How Do I Know If I Have The Right Size Bra?

Finding the Correct Bra Size

Did you know that most women are currently wearing the wrong size bra? Industry experts say between 70% and 80% of women don't wear the correct size. It is common for your size to change with pregnancy, new exercise programs or weight change. Industry experts recommend that you have a bra fitting every 6 to 12 months. To make sure you correctly determine bra size, check that:

1. The back of your bra does not ride up, otherwise the underband may be too big and you could need a smaller size.

2. Your bra straps are not falling down or digging into your shoulders. If they are, you may need to adjust them, use wider straps or use shoulder savers.

3. You don't overflow the top of your bra. If you do, but the bra feels fine everywhere else, the bra cup size is too small.

4. Your finger can pass under the band in front. Your bra should be comfortable but not tight, otherwise you need a larger band size or you must fasten your bra at the next looser hook.

5. The middle of your bra lies as flat as possible against your breastbone for a comfortable fit.

Why Is It Important To Have A Proper Fitting Bra?

The Importance of Having a Proper Bra Fit

Wearing the wrong bra size can result in unsightly bumps, bulges, backaches, neck strain, headaches, rashes and more. When your bra does not support your breasts, they pull at the tissue in your chest. This tissue pulls from the chest wall and under your arm, resulting in neck strain. Muscles pulled in your shoulders from drooping breasts cause headaches because of reduced blood flow to the head.

The extra weight from your breast area also puts more pressure on your back. Avoid these problems by using a bra size calculator to get the correct bra fit.

A proper bra fitting takes the strain off your chest wall, shoulders, neck, back, and allows you to breathe and sustain proper blood flow throughout your body.

What Is The Best Way To Get A Proper Chest Measurement?

Get a Proper Chest Measurement

The process of how to determine bra size consists of two numbers:

  1. The chest, or band, size
  2. The cup size.
The cup of the bra holds the breasts and the band is the part that stretches around the back.

Some manufacturers offer a bra cup size in half size options as well as regular sizes to help get the right fit. If you want to know how to measure your bra size, consult with a bra retailer. Most use a measuring tape to get accurate numbers from around your bust area. For added convenience, Playtex® has a downloadable tape measure on their site

Remember that by measuring bra size, you get the combination of the right cup and band size -- which is what you need to get a perfect fit.

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