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What Is A Demi Cut Bra?

Demi Bras Give Lift and Show Off Cleavage

A demi bra is a great bra to have in your intimates wardrobe because it works wonderfully with both scoop neck and square neck tops. Also called a balconette, demi bras give great lift and a touch of enhancement for an alluring décolletage. They are designed to provide partial coverage so that they don't show when wearing low-cut shirts and blouses.

Many demi bras give lift and help to show off a considerable amount of cleavage. Look for demis in bright colors, sexy patterns and as part of bra and panty sets. A demi paired with a coordinating panty can be devastatingly sexy.

What Color Bra Should I Wear Under A Lightly Colored Shirt?

Go Nude

Nude colored bras are a great fall-back if you are unsure what color bra to wear under a lightly colored shirt. They come in a variety of styles and cuts and help to create a smooth seamless shape. Nude is the surefire way to avoid wearing the wrong color bra under your shirt or blouse.

When choosing a bra to wear under a light-colored or sheer shirt, pick a bra close to your skin tone. That will help the bra show up less than if you picked pure white.

What Is VPL?

Get Rid of the Dreaded Panty Line

Glamour Magazine rated the "VPL" (visible panty line) the number one fashion faux-paux for women. Rid yourself of the VPL curse forever. Visible panty lines can ruin an outfit faster than the wrong pair of shoes.
With tight pants, opt for thong panties or seamless panties. Boy shorts, or other seamless styles of underwear, are also great for form-fitting clothing.

What Is The Benefit To Purchasing A Bra and Panties As A Set?

Wonderbra® Caters To Complete Underwear Needs

The Wonderbra® brand is no longer just about lifting you up and pushing you out. This bra maker also creates bra and panty sets to cater to your complete underwear needs. Look for different styles and cuts to fit your specific body type. The right bra and panty set can leave you feeling outwardly confident while relishing what you are wearing underneath your clothes.

How Do I Find The Right Strapless Bra for My Shape?

Invest in a Strapless Bra

Every woman should own a strapless bra. With off the shoulder dresses and tops, they are an absolute must. If your straps might show with what you are wearing, wearing a strapless will ensure that unsightly straps don't detract and distract from your overall look. When the fit is right, strapless bras can be comfortable enough to transition from day to night, and provide great support. When purchasing a strapless bra, remember that support is the most important factor.
You want to make sure the strapless bra holds you in completely, lifts your breasts, stays in place and does not leave indentations in your skin. It should also be comfortable and wear well throughout an entire day or evening out. You can also pair your strapless bra with your favorite pair of panties for a night of lounging in your sexiest lingerie.

Should I Store All Of My Lingerie In One Place?

Keep Special Occasion Lingerie Separate From Everyday

Keep special occasion lingerie in a drawer separate from other everyday undergarments. The benefit of a separate drawer is that it will set your special lingerie apart from your everyday stuff --- both visually and mentally.

Keeping these undergarments in a different place will help you quickly find what you need for special occasions and keep you from wearing them at inappropriate times.

How Do I Go About Finding Plus Size Bridal Lingerie?

Take Your Time Finding the Right Plus Size Bridal Lingerie

Finding the perfect plus size lingerie can be a challenge. However, this is never more true than when you are trying to find the right plus-size bridal lingerie. You want everything for the big day to be perfect and your lingerie is no exception. Wedding dresses come in a number of styles, which is why bridal bras and other plus size bridal lingerie now come in a variety of different styles.

Be sure to take your measurements accurately before the big day to be sure you purchase the proper size of plus-size lingerie. The style of your plus size lingerie will depend on your wedding dress and any other outfit you plan to wear. Try everything on at least two to three times before your wedding day and always choose comfort over style.

There is enough to worry about on your big day --- you do not want to spend it in an uncomfortable piece of plus-size bridal lingerie.

Why Are Clear Bra Straps Beneficial?

Clear Straps Fun Way to Play With Lingerie

Clear bra straps are a fun way to wear a bra with tank and tube tops. They can minimize the look of unsightly straps, while still offering the full support of a bra.

Some clear bra straps come with embellishments, such as flowers or beads, to add some pizazz to an otherwise bland outfit. This bra accessory is a must for your lingerie collection and can be found at most major retailers.

What Is The Best To Choose A Special Occasion Bra?

Try on Special Occasion Bra with a Coordinating Outfit

When choosing a special occasion bra, follow this rule of thumb: take the outfit with you when you try on the bra. There is nothing more frustrating than buying a strapless bra, putting it on at home to find that its got too much or too little coverage for your outfit.

If you are unable to take your special occasion outfit with you when you are purchasing the bra, then take along a similar style t-shirt or blouse in a similar fabric. Take note of how the bra looks through the fabric. Check to see how much of the bra will be showing. If possible, purchase two different styles so that you have some options.


Make Your Holidays Bright

Do you have t-shirts and sweatshirts and other special holiday clothing? Maybe you have some embroidered shirts or a special pin you like to wear during winter. When you have favorite shirts or accessories, you want them to look their best! If you're wearing a flat or lumpy bra, you wonder why you bought that shirt in the first place. Wearing a bra that fits correctly also helps with brooches or other adornments (including necklaces) that rest on your chest. Bra straps that keep falling could even get caught up in your festive pins and leave you with an accidental tear in your shirt.

Your favorite snowman shirt shouldn't have seams showing through the fabric. Erase this problem with seamless lingerie -- your bra and panties will make your t-shirt the center of attention instead of the creases from your bra. Make your holidays merry and bright by making sure your foundation is taken care of. A comfortable bra makes all holiday fashions look their best, which will make you feel amazing no matter where you wear your holiday finest. Celebrate your holidays in style.

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