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Taming the T-Shirt

If you're wearing a T-shirt, the number one problem you probably have is seams showing under your shirt. The second biggest problem is probably straps showing. The third problem many women have is that if the shirt is tight, you may show spillover bumps from the top of your bra if the bra is not a correct fit.

Peaking seams -- T-shirts are made of really soft material and those can cling a little to your body. While this style looks great on most people, the seams of your bra will show much more easily under these super-soft t-shirts, drawing attention to your breasts as well as your seams. Instead of being in a position where someone is trying to find out what those lines on your shirt are all about, get a seamless or microfiber bra for a smooth fit under all your t-shirts.

T-shirt straps -- Some t-shirts have wide necklines. This means you can show strap when you would much rather have those straps stay put. Consider convertible bras and choose if you need one strap, two straps, or no straps on your bra under your t-shirt. This keeps straps where they need to be, even if where they need to be is back in your lingerie drawer.

Bumpy breasts -- If you wear a bra that's too small, you get those extra bumps on top of your bra where your breasts aren't fitting into the cup. This can give the illusion of having four bumps on your chest instead of two. This doesn't just confuse the people around you; it will also be uncomfortable for you. Instead of tugging at your tee to keep the fabric off of your chest, consider going up a cup size and getting a bra that fits. It will not only make you look better in your t-shirts it will make you feel so much better.

At What Age Should I Get My Daughter A Training Bra?

Training Bras Are Rite of Passage

A training bra is a significant purchase for preteen and teenage girls. Many girls start developing breasts as early as eight years old. A training bra should be purchased when breasts begin to develop. However, some young girls start wearing a training bra before they need to to keep up with their peers, which doesn't do any harm and can help with self-confidence.

Remember to take your daughter for a proper bra fitting before purchasing a training bra to make sure there is ample support for developing breasts. It is important to start good bra wearing habits early. A good fit and style is important -- especially for a training bra.

What Kind of Bra Should I Buy For My Teen?

Let Teenagers Experiment With Fun Bra Fashions

After training bras and before those with fuller breasts, there are bras for teenagers. Teenagers should look for bras with good support, which is important during the development years. However, little tops are usually a staple of teenage style, which means bra straps are usually visible.

For this purpose, allow your teenager to have fun with their bra collection. Mix and match fun colors, funky patterns and different fabrics to match their ever-changing wardrobe.

But do not let the proper fit fall by the wayside. Don't purchase "fun" bras that offer little to no support and be sure that the style of the bra coincides with the measurements of your teenager. This is an important factor for girls whose breasts are still developing.

What Is A Convertible Bra?

Convertible Bras Are Highly Versatile

A convertible bra has its place in every woman's bra collection. Convertible bras are all-purpose – they have detachable and changeable straps that can accommodate a one-sided shirt, a halter or criss-cross top or a racerback tank top. The straps are removable and can be changed around depending on the top you are wearing.
You can also do away with the straps completely for a strapless bra look. The beauty of the convertible bra is that it gives you so many options. You can wear it under a variety of different shirts and still get the support of a full coverage bra. Choose a convertible bra with proper support so that no matter which way you decide to wear it, you still look your very best.

When Can I Wear A More Amped Up Bra Instead of My Plain Cotton One?

Save Sexy Bra and Sheer Blouse Combination For Weekends

Should you opt for a bra with lots of embellishments of seams, be sure you wear it under a fairly loose shirt or dress. Some women do choose to wear a fancy bra underneath a sheer blouse for effect. This look can be very sexy if the rest of the outfit is pared down. Save bright, funky bras and sheer blouses for evening or weekend wear and keep your bra out of sight at the office. Go with a smooth and understated bra that keeps your look professional and conservative until the right venue to let your undergarments shine a little more!

How Do I Get Rid of Bra Wrinkle That Are Visible Through My Shirt?

Stay Wrinkle-Free With Seamless

Wrinkled or bumpy cups can be downright unsightly when they show through your clothing. For this reason, a seamless bra works for almost every outfit because you never have to worry about your bra showing through your clothing.

You should only opt for fancy lace or textured bras when you are wearing clothing that does not cling to your bra. For everything else, go with slightly padded seamless bras to give your bust shapeliness that can help you look slightly fuller.

Is Cotton The Most Comfortable Bra Material Available?

Cotton Can Add to Your Bra Comfort

The challenge: how to enjoy the breathable comfort of cotton in a bra without ending up with unflattering sagging and bagging. The solution: look for a bra that blends cotton with another fabric so the cups keeps their shape and give you pretty support. Some bras also offer cotton cup linings for extra softness against your skin.

What Is A Barely There Bra?

Barely There® Brand Really Feels Like Its Barely There

Particularly in the hot summer months, women are looking for a lightweight bra that is comfortable and works with just about any outfit. Light, smooth and seamless bras from Barely There® provide comfortable support throughout your daily activities.

Are There Times My Bra Straps Should Not Show?

Visible Bra Lines Not Always Sexy

Just as visible panty lines are a no-no, visible bra lines are as well. Stick with a color that is close to your skin tone under light fabrics and sheer shirts. Do not wear lacy or heavily embellished bras with low-cut tops or blouses in a professional or otherwise conservative environment, as the design of your bra might be visible.

A t-shirt bra works best in any of the above situations. Its seamless style and comfortable feel will make your clothing look smoother on your silhouette.

Will a T-Shirt Bra Work For Me?

T-Shirt Bras Work With Every Body Type

T-shirt bras are perfect for every body type. Often seamless, a t-shirt bra is frequently made with molded cups, which gives you great lift and support, and looks great under the thinnest of material.

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