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Stop Fighting With Your Shapewear

Wouldn't it be nice to have shapewear that worked well and was easy to put on? The Bali® Easy On® Body Briefer is the easiest shape wear you'll find. It can be put on just like a shirt. Pull it over your head and with a few clasps you're ready to put on your clothes and go. The straps incorporate a great, thin silicone layer under the shoulder to keep your straps in place without having to make them uncomfortably tight so they'll stay put. There is even underwire in the Body Briefer so you can be sure you'll get the support you're looking for along with the smoothing action of the shapewear.

If you find yourself in formal wear, you might not be able to easily get out of the dress and the shapewear to go to the bathroom. Having convenient clasps might be the difference between enjoying your evening and spending most of it doing the potty dance.

Look great in whatever you choose to wear with the confidence that no one is going to see back bulges or hip bumps. The boost to your self-confidence will be well worth it, especially when it only took you a couple minutes to get into your shapewear. You don't have to break a sweat to get your curves under control.


Mother of the Bride Options

When you're shopping for a mother of the bride dress, your main concern is to look great. You're going to be in the wedding pictures and you want to look good on your child's special day. Here are some tips to make sure you look your best in those wedding day photos. One of the most important things to do before you go shopping is to buy your wedding day lingerie. The type of lingerie you want to buy will depend on your goals. What do you want your underwear to do for you?

  • Are you looking for extra bust support?
  • Do you want to make sure your waist looks tucked and a few inches smaller?
  • Is there a one "problem area" you want to tame, or are you looking for all-over support?
  • Will you be wearing a dress or a pantsuit?
  • How fitted will your outfit be?
  • Are you full figured?
The answers to these questions will help you find the right shapewear for you. If you buy the outfit before the undergarments, it will be difficult to find shapewear that makes you look good and is comfortable. If you buy shapewear that makes you look great and feels comfortable first, any outfit you try on will also look great and be more comfortable than it would have been if you had to choose the underwear to fit the outfit. You'll feel as good as you look watching your child walk down the aisle.


Wear all Your Pants With Pride

Depending on your body type, there are a few body shaper options you can choose for pantsuits, jeans, and slacks. There are shapers specifically made for pants that go from the waist down to the ankle to give you total control of your silhouette. Not only do they take away panty lines, they also give you an overall smooth appearance from the waist to the ankle. No more knee bumps or thigh bulges under your pants - what a relief! You'll know that you look great stepping out of the house no matter what your destination is.

There is also a body shaper that goes to the knee. If you're wearing pedal pushers or capri pants these can be a lifesaver, making your panty lines a thing of the past and smoothing your silhouette. A great pair of slimming briefs will make your pants fit better, hang better on your body, and you'll look your best with every step you take. If you try on thigh slimmers and find there is a bulge underneath, then you're going to want to look toward the bodyslimmer that goes past your knee, or try a larger sized body slimmer.


Volunteer Your Shape for Smoothing

As a woman on a volunteer committee you find that your time is spent doing a lot in one day. From group events to talking to donors, volunteering is what you love to do. But as you age, you're finding your clothes don't look as good as they used to and you might be seeing bulges that didn't used to be there. This can affect your confidence and that won't go over well when you're asking for a donor to contribute money to a cause you believe in. If you don't exude confidence, the person you are talking to might mistake it for having less than one-hundred percent confidence in the institution you are volunteering for.

One way to make yourself look sharp and ready to collect funds and help out those groups you support is to get into some shapewear. It isn't going to be tight like a girdle, and won't lace like a corset. What it will do is take a little off here, a little off there, and make you look smoother overall. It just makes the bumps turn into curves, and the curves a little smaller. Balancing you out from top to bottom with simple shapewear will allow you to go out and raise funds and participate in volunteering with all the confidence you deserve. They won't know what hit them when you walk into the room, because your confidence will precede you.


Looking for a Little Flair for Your Derriere?

While everyone loves gravity for keeping them on the ground, it's less than kind to women's bodies. When you want to get a little boost in your bootie, look no further than the Crown-ette® Rear Lift Brief. It's a full brief with a thin layer of foam around the bottom that will give you a little boost and put your bum where you remember it being. This can give you a confidence boost in jeans or a pantsuit, or for going out with a friend or a hot date with your spouse.

If you're looking for even more of a boost, there is a full brief panty with insertable foam pads. The panty lifts and the foam pads shape and add oomph to your derriere. If you find that you're having trouble finding jeans that fit correctly without spandex, these panties can be the difference between slacks and a comfy pair of denim jeans. Or if you're wearing a dress and it's falling flat, you could add a little more flair to the back of your dress by wearing either the Rear Lift Brief or the Rear Lift Enhancing brief with foam inserts.

Enhancing your bottom does not have to be tacky or over the top. Hanes makes it easy to add to your natural curves without feeling silly. That way you feel comfortable while looking great.


Can Shapewear be Pretty?

When you think of body shapers and control panels, you don't think of words like "pretty" and "good looking." Most people think that the more useful an undergarment is when it comes to controlling or shaping the body the more it needs to look utilitarian and plain. But plain isn't all there is if you want underwear that's good looking and supportive. The Bali® Lace 'N Smooth® All-In-One comes in black, so if you are looking for a sultry piece of lingerie to bring out on the town, look no further than black lace and a great attitude to get you feeling confident. Full figured? Hanes has full figure pieces to make sure more women have options for both control and style.

Even if no one else sees your lingerie, you will feel a difference when you know you are wearing something pretty and sleek under your clothing. You'll look better on the outside, becauseshapewear smooths out your curves and makes your clothes fit better. More important than that, you are going to feel fantastic on the inside, because confidence is sexy and shapewear will make you feel more comfortable in whatever you're wearing.


Make Your Dress A Success

When you're going out on the town or even going out for lunch with a friend, sometimes a dress is the only outfit you want to leave the house in. Even the most casual summer dress can make you feel great as you walk through the sunshine to your destination or to your car. Enjoying dresses is not a bad thing. More and more women are looking back to the dress for an easy outfit that doesn't need to be matched to anything besides shoes and accessories. A dress can be tossed over the head and suddenly wardrobe issues are a thing of the past! So, how do you make sure you look your best when you're wearing your easiest outfits?

From a simple Barely There Comfortable Curves® All-in-One shaper to the firm support of the Bali® Double Support™ All-in-One there's a dress shaper that will make you look fantastic no matter what dress style you're wearing. The all-in-one styling will keep your dress from showing panty or bra seams or lines, as well as keep you from having to wear a separate bra. With an all-in-one undergarment and a simple dress, you can be dressed and ready to go in five minutes, instead of choosing panties, choosing a bra, choosing pants, and choosing a shirt. The time saved is added to how good you look and how great you feel wearing a dress out of the house.


Your Bra can be Your Friend

Bras get a bad rap. Usually people assume that if a bra is pretty, it can't be supportive, and if it's supportive, it can't be comfortable. Is it any wonder you love shopping for and looking at pretty bras, but tend to buy bras that might not give as much support as is needed? Or, even worse, you buy an uncomfortable bra because you think that's what you have to have for support. There are so many types of bra out there for you to choose from that one will definitely fit you the way you've always dreamed. Bras aren't something made for another woman to be comfortable in.

Underwire - If you are wearing an uncomfortable underwire bra, you need to double check a few things. First, have you been professionally measured? If you're wearing the wrong size bra, an underwire is going to cut into your body or rub wrong against your ribcage. Underwire still may not be the right choice for you, but don't count it out when it might have just been the wrong size.

Sectioned Cup - Avoid the underwire and go with a supportive sectioned cup bra. These are made with up to three sections to support you without a hint of jiggle. If you've been wearing a sectioned cup bra and it is uncomfortable, make sure you're in the right size. Then check how many sections your bra has for support. If you're wearing a bra with a two section cup, try one with a three section cup. It can make a difference not only in how your clothing looks, but also in how the bra feels on your body.

Whatever bra types you try on, make sure you have the right size and that the fabric is comfortable for you. When you know what type of bra to wear for your body, you will look great, feel comfortable, and your confidence will soar knowing you have found a great bra that fits you just right.

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