Choose a Sports Bra Based on Your Activity Level

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How Do I Know What Kind of Sports Bra To Choose?

Choose a Sports Bra Based on Your Activity Level

When picking a sports bra, start by considering the intensity level of your workout. The more active the workout, the more bounce control you need. Champion® makes bra choice easy by giving their sports bras a Motion Control Rating (MCR). If your favorite exercises are walking, skiing, bicycling, weight training or tennis, you need a bra with a medium MCR. If you run, play soccer, do aerobics, gymnastics, basketball, softball horseback riding or other highly active sports you'll get the support you need from a Champion bra with a High MCR. Fabric is also a consideration when choosing the right sports bra. Different fabrics work better for different activities. One defining factor for any sports bra fabric is how well it wicks away moisture. When investing in a good sports bra, it is important to consider the shape, fabric and comfort before you buy.



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