Cami Bras Great Lingerie Drawer Staple

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Do I Really Need a Cami Bra?

Cami Bras Great Lingerie Drawer Staple

Cami bras are the perfect lingerie drawer staple. Their versatility is unmatched to just about any other piece of lingerie. For example, wear a cami with built-in bra to work with your favorite suit.

They work under a suit jacket or sheer top. In the evening or trolling around on a hot day, take off the top layer and really heat things up by wearing your cami with a funky pair of jeans. A cami with a built-in bra takes the pressure off trying to hide your bra straps or match them to another piece of clothing or accessory in your outfit. Now, you have the freedom to mix and match. You can go from the office to cocktail hour on a whim!



7/30/2009 11:43:13 AM
carol said:

it's the best idea yet!!!!


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