The Correct Way to Put on a Bra

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What Is The Correct Way To Put On A Bra?

The Correct Way to Put on a Bra

The following steps explain how to put on a bra the correct way. Wearing your bra properly is as important as finding the correct bra to wear. Take these steps:

  1. Place your arms through the straps and slide them over your shoulders.
  2. Bend forward from the waist and adjust your breasts so that the nipples are on the fullest point of the cup. Make sure your breasts are completely in the cup.
  3. Fasten the hooks to the middle position.
  4. Stand up straight and adjust your straps again so your breasts are at the right level in the bra
  5. Make sure your bra fit is comfortable and sits in the middle of your back.



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