Classic Panties Are Still Stylish

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Classic Panties Are Still Stylish

The beauty of wearing a new white pair of panties is that they look good under anything. You just can't wear a pair of black panties under a pair of light linen pants. Keeping white panties in your lingerie drawer is important, not just for style, but because they go with everything! You'll never find yourself wondering what you'll wear under a new skirt or pair of pants when you have a pair of white panties in the back of your underwear drawer. Or several pairs for that matter.

While many women have found that colored or patterned panties are more interesting to pull out when getting dressed in the morning, white still remains the most popular panty color.

If you prefer white panties, then by all means, wear them and be proud. Feeling good about what you put on when you get dressed in the morning - even if it's something no one will see but you - will determine how you present yourself to the world when you walk out your front door. When you feel great, people will notice and ask you what your secret is.



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