Be Kind to Yourself

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Be Kind to Yourself

If you are full figured and thinking about shopping for bras, you need to make sure you are shopping for the right bra.

Type of Bra

When it comes to the type of bra you want, focus on what you want it to look like under your clothing. A full support bra can be very comfortable, but you will know it is there. A soft underwire bra can be nice, but if it isn't the right size you will find your bustline hanging over the underwire rather than being supported by it. For running to the store or doing errands a soft bra is fine, but if you are going in to work, you don't want to look unprofessional by wearing a bra that doesn't support you at all. Don't distract the office by bouncing your way to your desk. Different situations require different levels of support. Be prepared by having the right bra for the right occasion.

Bra Size

When you measure yourself for your proper bra size, don't go crazy with the cloth measuring tape. Digging it into your skin won't make your bra fit better. Make sure it's taut but not cutting into your skin when you measure around your ribcage. When measuring the bustline, don't measure where your nipples are -- measure where the largest point of your breasts are. It can be great to have a bra on to do the measurement, but make sure it isn't a minimizing bra or a bra that's a cup size too small or you won't be getting an accurate measurement. If available, have a person trained in bra sizing measure you at a local store. Sometimes the best way to find a great bra is to try some different sizes on once you've used the measuring to get a ball park idea of what you need.



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