Stop Snapping Your Straps

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Stop Snapping Your Straps

Bra straps are either something you don't notice at all or cannot stop noticing! Straps fall, shift, pull, move, twist, and flip. Sometimes it seems your bra straps get more of a workout than you do! How can you wear a bra without having to suffer through dancing, snapping straps?

Go strapless - If nothing seems to work for you when it comes to finding comfortable bra straps, toss them and go with a strapless bra. There are many supportive options out there, including the Wonderbra line that can give you both comfort and support for your everyday bra wear.

Buy bras with strap technology - From our Bali padded straps to the Hanes All Over Comfort Bra with Strap Technology, a bra is available specifically designed not to slip off of your shoulders. You are not the only one with this problem, and Hanes is committed to creating a bra that fits you the way you deserve.

Convertible bra straps - A convertible bra is one that can be worn the regular way, or switched up so you have cross-straps in back. Cross straps never fall because they can't. If you need to make sure your bra straps don't shift an inch, crossing your bra straps in the back is a perfect solution for your bra strap needs.

You can still have the ooh la la! - You might think a push-up bra like the Wonderbra has tighter straps than a normal bra. That is not the case. The Wonderbra push-up or new push-in bra both have straps that do not dig in more than a bra strap normally does. As long as you make sure you size yourself correctly (or have yourself sized by a professional) you will be able to wear a Wonderbra with no problems in the shoulder area. You can even go entirely strapless with your Wonderbra style, just for the sheer comfort of having no straps.



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