Shapewear is Perfect for the Holidays

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Shapewear is Perfect for the Holidays

It happens every fall. As the seasons transition from fall to winter, many women find a few extra pounds magically appearing. Clothes get tighter and buttons become harder to fasten. If you are worried that you'll find yourself lying on a bed to fasten your pants by New Year's Day, a few well-chosen pieces of shape wear can reduce your fear. For now, a few pairs of light control panties will probably be all you need, and as the season progresses and dinners are cooked and shared, consider a pair of Bali® Thinner By Inches® Firm Control Brief. The perfect way to make sure your clothing fits through the holiday season and all those extra parties, meals and drinks is a great control panel pair of panties.

If you're finding your bulge is happening not in front but over the sides of your slacks, there's still hope. A full brief control panty that goes all the way up in a high waisted format can help keep your curves from taking over the waistband of your pants. The reduction in inches will have people wondering how you keep your figure while still enjoying all the taste-testing of the holidays.



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