Taming the T-Shirt

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Taming the T-Shirt

If you're wearing a T-shirt, the number one problem you probably have is seams showing under your shirt. The second biggest problem is probably straps showing. The third problem many women have is that if the shirt is tight, you may show spillover bumps from the top of your bra if the bra is not a correct fit.

Peaking seams -- T-shirts are made of really soft material and those can cling a little to your body. While this style looks great on most people, the seams of your bra will show much more easily under these super-soft t-shirts, drawing attention to your breasts as well as your seams. Instead of being in a position where someone is trying to find out what those lines on your shirt are all about, get a seamless or microfiber bra for a smooth fit under all your t-shirts.

T-shirt straps -- Some t-shirts have wide necklines. This means you can show strap when you would much rather have those straps stay put. Consider convertible bras and choose if you need one strap, two straps, or no straps on your bra under your t-shirt. This keeps straps where they need to be, even if where they need to be is back in your lingerie drawer.

Bumpy breasts -- If you wear a bra that's too small, you get those extra bumps on top of your bra where your breasts aren't fitting into the cup. This can give the illusion of having four bumps on your chest instead of two. This doesn't just confuse the people around you; it will also be uncomfortable for you. Instead of tugging at your tee to keep the fabric off of your chest, consider going up a cup size and getting a bra that fits. It will not only make you look better in your t-shirts it will make you feel so much better.



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