Different Bras for Different Needs

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Different Bras for Different Needs

Some women swear by underwire bras, and others firmly believe that wires are for electronics and should not be found in a bra. But what's the real scoop on underwire versus soft cup bras?

Underwire - It's a fact, underwire is a little to a lot more supportive, but it depends on your cup size. If you have a smaller cup size, you will find there is much less difference between how supportive underwire is vs. softcup. Even so, keep in mind when you are buying an underwire bra the wire should sit flat against your chest in front. Space between your body and the underwire means you have the wrong cup or band size. Get measured and get the right bra. Also, make sure the wire is encircling the breast. If the underwire isn't coming up on the side there won't be as much comfort or support when wearing your bra.

Soft Cup - The softcup bra can feel like you aren't wearing a bra at all. There's a reason for that. You aren't going to get as much support from a soft cup bra. If you have larger breasts this is going to make a big difference in how much support you are getting. A softcup bra can support your breast ligaments less than an underwire. But, if you want a softcup bra and you need good support, there is a way to have the best of both worlds. Consider a sectioned soft cup like the 18-hour bra. The sections create support a normal soft-cup bra does not provide and that will keep you from bouncing too much as well as reduce back and neck strain.



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