Support and Style are Built In

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Support and Style are Built In

If you are looking for a bra that will make you feel great and give you the support you need, there are many options. The option most women enjoy are front hook bras. But, the larger the breasts, the bigger the fear that the front hook will pop and you will find yourself bra-less in the middle of the day. While some front hook bras may not be designed for long wear and comfort, Hanes has you covered with front hook bras that will keep your breasts secure while giving you an easy on, easy off solution to putting on your bra.

The front hook is reinforced, so it won't pop off during the day. You do have to make sure you are wearing the right size bra and have been measured professionally because you don't want the hook to hang out in space because you're not wearing a big enough bra. The hook for the bra should rest against your body the way any bra would lay on your chest in the front. Once you know your size and find a great front hook bra, you will find them comfortable and easy to wear, making you feel great while you're wearing one.



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