Volunteer Your Shape for Smoothing

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Volunteer Your Shape for Smoothing

As a woman on a volunteer committee you find that your time is spent doing a lot in one day. From group events to talking to donors, volunteering is what you love to do. But as you age, you're finding your clothes don't look as good as they used to and you might be seeing bulges that didn't used to be there. This can affect your confidence and that won't go over well when you're asking for a donor to contribute money to a cause you believe in. If you don't exude confidence, the person you are talking to might mistake it for having less than one-hundred percent confidence in the institution you are volunteering for.

One way to make yourself look sharp and ready to collect funds and help out those groups you support is to get into some shapewear. It isn't going to be tight like a girdle, and won't lace like a corset. What it will do is take a little off here, a little off there, and make you look smoother overall. It just makes the bumps turn into curves, and the curves a little smaller. Balancing you out from top to bottom with simple shapewear will allow you to go out and raise funds and participate in volunteering with all the confidence you deserve. They won't know what hit them when you walk into the room, because your confidence will precede you.



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